Thank you to all my Clients that have contributed to this page. 

"I have suffered with hip pain which radiates down to my right knee which has got steadily worse over the last  few years. The pain was  preventing me from walking (I enjoyed hill walking and hiking). In the back  of my mind I thought I may need a hip replacement, however after consulting with Steve it seemed problem was muscular. Steve started to treat me earlier this year (August 2019) he expertly honed in on the problem, his knowledge of the human body is amazing (I am a nurse and  realised just how much he knew), the treatment began to work almost immediately with noticeable relief after a few days. Because my problem had grown over a number of years it was never going to be a 'quick fix' so Steve prepared me for a medium term treatment plan. Initially I saw Steve every couple of weeks but soon we spaced the visits out to monthly. Steve's approach is patient centred and not business centred he could've easily have made a lot more money out of me !! The treatment is going well and is changing my life back to how it was! Thank you Steve."

Nin Harding 2019  

I have been going to Steve for a many years now and he has been working successfully on various bits of “me” since 2007. 

At first it was a case of getting my back to move again, usually after doing something very stressful. Later on, he sorted out a very painful attack of plantar fasciitis and has kept my feet working properly ever since. 

Now I have got to the stage where osteoarthritis has set in and, although Steve cannot cure arthritis, he is helping to keep me going. He is so adept at getting exactly to the point where the paint is originating, that we say he has “guided missile” fingers! I would thoroughly recommend him without hesitation.

Dr Anne Doherty

" I was first referred to Steve around 25 years ago with severe lower back pain which meant I had difficulty walking and certainly could not stand up straight. The muscles had gone into spasm , however Steve worked his magic and with a couple of sessions normal service resumed. Over the years mainly due to my stupidity in bending down or lifting incorrectly I have had the same issue. Each time after 1/2 sessions the spasm gets easier. Because of an inherent weakness in my back ( two major operations 30+ years ago ) I see Steve every eight weeks for a "MOT " where he ensures fluid does not build up in my muscles.  I have no hesitation in recommending him for anyone with muscular issues or sports injuries etc "

Andrew Racey. Evesham